Frequently Asked Questions

%10 off for college students, senior citizens and military
Group pricing available see under ticket tab.
30 to 35 minutes not including wait time.
NO! You pay to get scared, if you buy a ticket and are to scared to go through, we did our job! There are absolutely no refunds for any reason!
60,000 square foot, 5 stories high.
Since we are located in Downtown Griffin, street parking is available as well as the Griffin Post office parking lot.
Unfortunately there are 4 flights of stairs and we do not have an elevator this year.
Not this year… stay tuned
Depends on when and for what, contact
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult since a waver must be signed in entering the Hotel. Everyone signs a waiver.
We offer concessions in the lobby, however, food and drinks are only allowed in the lobby.
No. Anyone caught taking pictures or videoing will be escorted out with entire group.
They are going to try their best not to, however, in the dark sometimes accidental brushes may occur. Anyone who purposely touches an actor will be escorted out. If anyone hurts an actor we will press charges.
This is a dark theatrical production, if it’s any good at all, you’re gonna wait a while!

Yes. We are open what ever the weather. There is room to line everyone inside the hotel!!
Yes. Security will be at the hotel at all times.
Yes. If you cause problems, disrespect our actors, guides, or ushers. If you are caught wandering in blocked areas, or if you are intoxicated, you will be escorted out with no refund!!!